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Balloon Spiders

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2009


A trio of creepy-crawly spiders with plump balloon bodies and spindly legs hovers over unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. Don't be timid when working with the balloons; they will twist into shape without popping.


  • Standard-size balloons

  • Skinny balloons (called "260")

  • Thread or monofilament


  1. Inflate two standard-size round balloons, one slightly less full than the other (the larger will be the abdomen and the smaller will be the head). Tie the balloons together at the ends with thread or monofilament. Using a balloon pump, inflate four long, skinny balloons, leaving a 3-inch "tail" at the end of each.

  2. Make one set of legs: Starting a few inches from the neck, twist balloon. Hold twist in place. Move about 1 inch along balloon and twist again. Bring two twists together; grab resulting bubble with one hand and twist (this should lock the twists together, with a knobby "knee" in between, and cause the balloon to bend). Move another few inches, and repeat to make another knee. Repeat twice more to make the shape pictured at right; you should have four short segments and four knees, with one long section in the center. (As you work, the air in the balloon will shift, inflating the tail.) Repeat with three more balloons.

  3. Twist one set of legs in the center of the longest segment. Hold in place, and twist a second set in the same place. Place the two sets together, with twisted centers interlocking; the balloons should hold. Repeat with two more sets of legs. Tie legs to body, and hang spiders with string or monofilament.

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