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Paper Wreath

This wreath is the ideal complement to a tree filled with paper ornaments and is also lovely displayed on its own.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December/January 1996/1997


  • Green paper

  • 12-inch single-wire wreath form

  • 20-gauge floral wire

  • Glue

  • Red ribbon

  • Small nails or hooks, to hang

  • Fishing line


  1. Trace a leaf, or draw one freehand; use your design as a template to cut lots of leaves out of various shades of green paper. 

  2. Make a cut in a 12-inch single-wire wreath form, and bend the form into a horseshoe shape; bend the two ends back 1/2 inch to form small hooks for hanging. 

  3. Onto the back of each leaf, glue a 12-inch length of 20-gauge floral wire (available precut at craft stores).

  4. Starting at the top of one side of the form, attach a leaf by wrapping its wire stem around the form. Continue adding leaves, overlapping them so that each one covers half of the previous one, until you reach the center. Repeat, covering the other side with leaves. 

  5. Bend leaves on their stems into just the arrangement you want. Add a big red bow in the center; hang the wreath from small nails or hooks, and suspend with fishing line.

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