Bright, juicy pineapple makes a tropical garnish for summer drinks and is arguably the best part of fruit salads, but it can be tricky to peel and slice. Here's the best way: Start with a ripe pineapple. Look for one with even skin color, then pull a leaf from the center of the crown -- it should come out easily and intact.

1. Cut off top and bottom, leaving a flat base. Following shape, slice off skin in strips. Quarter peeled pineapple.

2. Stand one quarter on end, slice off core, and discard. Repeat with remaining quarters.

3. If desired, cut quarters in half lengthwise; slice into wedges.

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August 9, 2016
Why on earth would you throw away the core????? It's delicious & nutrient packed. I doubt Martha would be so wasteful.
May 22, 2010
Before removing the peel, wash the pineapple very well. Then the peel and all the parts removed with it, including the core of the fruit, can be processed in a blender with water, then pour through a colander.. One fruit will make about 4 glasses of refreshment. Add sugar and ice cubes to taste.