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Striped Picnic Table

Source: Martha Stewart Living, May 2004


Set the table for a whole season of festive cookouts by giving it a new summer coat. The wooden slats of a classic picnic table provide a ready-made outline for stripes. Red and white are very versatile -- with blue napkins and flag "bouquets," the table's ready for patriotic gatherings; adorned with bright red, orange, or yellow tableware, it would have "casual barbecue" painted all over it.


  • Semigloss latex exterior paint

  • Primer

  • Blue painters' tape

  • Red and white paint


  1. Semigloss latex exterior paint and primer will give a picnic table a shiny new look. Prime table; allow to dry.

  2. Cover the edges of alternating slats with blue painters' tape.

  3. Apply two coats of red paint to the untaped slats, and allow to dry. Remove tape, then apply new tape to edges of painted slats; paint two coats of white on remaining slats, and let dry.

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