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Favor Tree

There's no such thing as too many holiday treats.

Photography: Grace Huang

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December/January 1998/1999


Made from wrapping paper, these simple containers can hang from a Christmas-tree form, holding candy or very small presents.


  1. Using a straightedge and a utility knife, cut a piece of wrapping paper into a rectangle. Roll the rectangle into a cylinder, and tape lengthwise with invisible tape.

  2. Tape inside of one opening: The piece of tape should equal the diameter of the opening and be positioned so that one-half the width of tape extends beyond edge of paper; fold exposed tape back over itself, and press the top edges of the cylinder together.

  3. Fill cone with candy or gift. Close the other side the same way, but make the end perpendicular to the first.

  4. Hold two pieces of string together, and fold in half; knot the resulting four lengths just below the fold, leaving a loop at the end.

  5. Position cone so one end abuts knot of strings; place two lengths of string on each side of cone. Tie off the string, and hang from the loop.

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