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Cheese Pairing with a Twist

Martha Stewart Living, December 2009

Bring a little flair to your table with flavorful condiments that enhance each cheese. Our suggestions offer distinctive twists on five classic combinations. When selecting cheeses, include a mix of types (cow's, goat's, and sheep's milk), flavors (from fresh and tangy to pungent), and consistencies.

Cheddar and Pepper Jelly
Crumbly, year-old English- style cheddar is delicious with chutneys or jellies, such as red-pepper jelly, which provides a surprising sweet-savory contrast.

Fresh Goat Cheese with Fruity Olive Oil and Pepper 
Soft goat cheese is delightfully tangy. We suggest trying it with a citrus olive oil and a piquant spice such as black pepper.

Aged Manchego with Honey and Almonds 
Often served with membrillo (quince paste), Spanish manchego also goes beautifully with toasted almonds and honeycomb or a drizzle of honey.

Soft-Ripened Cheese with Asian Pear 
Camembert-style cheese and Asian pears are the perfect combo. The fruit has a lovely crunch and enticing aroma that cuts through the richness of the cheese.

Blue Cheese with Walnuts and Figs 
Salty and pungent blue cheeses such as Bleu d'Auvergne go well with dried figs plumped in warm honey, freshly cracked walnuts, and oat biscuits.

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