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Terry-Cloth Caddy

Clear off bathroom countertops by storing toiletries in a hanging organizer. Find out how to make your own below.

Terry-Cloth Caddy

Source: Martha Stewart Living, August 2003


  • Hand towel (about 19 inches by 40 inches)

  • Straight pins (Dritz Pearlized Pins, Long 1 1/2-inch, $5.08,

  • Sewing machine (Singer Heavy Duty "4423" Machine with Accessory Kit, $238.01,

  • 1/2-inch-diameter dowel (2 inches longer than width of towel)

  • One yard grosgrain ribbon


  1. Fold down the top of the towel 1 1/2 inches and pin. Next, sew to create a channel for the dowel.

  2. Flip the towel over and fold it onto itself so it overlaps about 5 inches and pin.

  3. Repeat to make a second pleat so that the bottom edge of the towel is the bottom edge of the caddy and pin.

  4. Sew along both sides of the towel, leaving a channel at the top open and reinforcing the pockets' corners. Sew two more seams to divide the towel's width into thirds.

  5. Next, pass the dowel through the channel before tying the ribbon to both ends, and hanging.

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