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Holiday Gathering

Source: Martha Stewart Living, July 2007


Here's another idea for July 4 party decor. Start with napkins, a runner, and seating cards in bursts of red, white, and blue. Then add a set of paper pom-poms attached to skewers to bring more fireworks to the table. Stick the skewers into sand-filled jars, as we did, or into a cake or a cheese plate.


  • Napkins, a runner, and seating cards in bursts of red, white, and blue

  • Paper pom-poms

  • Skewers

  • Sand-filled jars (optional)

  • Vellum

  • Scissors

  • Kitchen scrub brush

  • White pen


  1. Fold a 3-by-15-inch piece of vellum in half twice lengthwise. Cut slits every 1/8 inch, leaving inch at the top uncut. Unfold the paper, and attach a 1-inch piece of double-sided tape to one uncut corner; adhere to a bamboo skewer, and wrap the paper around several times.

  2. Once you reach the other end, use another piece of double-sided tape to secure. Curl the lower strips with the edge of a scissor blade, as you would a ribbon.

  3. Dip the bristles of a kitchen scrub brush into fabric paint from a crafts store. Press bristles firmly onto fabric.

  4. Use smaller bottle brushes to create patterns on paper place cards; then handwrite names with a white pen.

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