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Seashell Koalas

Martha Stewart Kids, Winter 2006

Sea creatures are notoriously shy, but the ones you see here managed to come out of their shells to greet passersby. You can find seashells year-round in craft stores and some gift shops.

Koala How-To
1. Experiment with different combinations to come up with animal shapes before gluing everything into place. We chose small scallop and clam shells for the koalas, and long razor clams decorated with ring-top cowries for the tree.

2. Use small cushions of polymer clay, which is pliable and slightly sticky, to test out various arrangements. For assembly, a tacky, quick-drying glue works best. Build heads and bodies separately. Before joining larger parts, use a brush to glue on small parts (such as beads for eyes) and clay to support creatures while glue dries.

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