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Night-Light Shade

A shade softens the glow of a night-light and complements its surroundings. If you purchase the appropriate metal lampshade frame, this project will be quick and easy. The resulting shade, paired with an inexpensive night-light, makes a wonderful baby-shower gift.

Source: Martha Stewart


You can use pre-printed paper, make a color copy of patterned fabric, or select a sheet of wallpaper. All three types of paper will work well. A lampshade can look dramatically different when illuminated -- be sure to hold the paper up to a light before you begin to see if you like the effect.


  • Lampshade frame

  • Decorative paper

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Permanent (adhesive-transfer) tape or craft glue

  • Linen tape, fabric trim, or seam binding

  • Small-bristle or sponge brush

  • Bone folder or ruler

  • Night-light


  1. Lay the lampshade frame on its side on the paper, and trace the outline with a pencil, rolling the frame slowly as you draw. Cut out the shape with scissors.

  2. Affix the paper panel to the lampshade frame: Apply permanent tape or craft glue to the edges of the frame, then attach the paper in a smooth motion from one vertical spoke to the opposite spoke. If using glue, allow to dry.

  3. Cover the top and bottom edges of the frame with linen tape, fabric trim, or seam binding (use 1/2-inch-wide linen tape): Brush glue onto the back of the trim with a bristle or sponge brush, and apply the trim so that it folds in equal parts over the front and back edges of the shade. Slide a bone folder or ruler over the trim to smooth it out.

  4. Insert the night-light into the shade.

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