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Brick Pressed Sandwich

Martha Stewart Living, June 1998


A big loaf-size sandwich makes a dramatic statement, whether it's the centerpiece of a casual party or the consummate picnic lunch. Ours feeds about twelve: Begin with a ciabatta loaf or some other rustic Italian bread. Remove and discard the center of bread. Spread olive paste on the bottom half. Lay on roasted red bell peppers, fresh goat cheese, and marinated artichokes. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Lay on prosciutto and salami, and drizzle again with balsamic vinegar. Top with herbs (basil, cilantro, and parsley) and top half of bread. Double-wrap in baker's parchment or plastic wrap. Secure wrapped sandwich to wood cutting board with twine. Place a brick or a cast-iron skillet on top of sandwich for at least 1 hour to flatten (below left). Taking care not to cut paper, slide a serrated knife between sandwich and cutting board. Place sandwich (with brick removed) into picnic basket. At lunchtime, unwrap sandwich, slice, and serve. This sandwich can be made a day in advance without dressing; add dressing at least an hour before.


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