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Doily Stencil Cards

Martha Stewart Living, December 2000

The imponderably varied snowflake, with its unique, exquisite symmetry, is one of winter's most beloved symbols. The lacy details of paper doilies recall the snowflake's delicate engineering. Stencil them onto bright card stock for delicately snowbound holiday greetings.

Doilies How-To
Inexpensive paper doilies are a mainstay of the crafter's arsenal. A broad selection of shapes and designs can be found at supermarkets and art-supply stores year round. Examine the perforated patterns for appealing details, and use these as stencils to design cards, envelopes, letter paper, and gift tags.

You might want to reproduce the arc of a decorative border, or make a snowfall of tiny medallions. With a narrow brush and only a little white acrylic paint at a time, stipple the pattern onto colored card stock. Remove doily carefully while the paint is still wet.

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