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Indoor Parterre

Martha Stewart Living, May 2003

Dress up a houseplant gift with this presentation inspired by French parterres -- gardens that typically contrast low formal beds of greenery with tall ornamentals. We set a potted Meyer lemon tree inside a larger container and filled the outer ring with mondo grass. (A rosemary or myrtle topiary bordered with baby's tears also makes a pretty combination.)

Tools and Materials
Small potted tree or topiary
Broken pot shard
One pot, larger in diameter than the one holding the potted tree
Pea gravel
Fast-draining potting mix
Small grassy plant

Indoor Parterre How-To
1. Before inserting inner pot, place shard over hole of larger outer pot, and add 1/8 inch gravel for drainage. Position potted tree in center of large pot; fill around with potting mix.

2. Divide the grass into plugs, and plant by poking into the mix around perimeter. Place arrangement on a saucer.

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