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Create Calm in the Entryway

Organizing Good Things 2005

With its air of propriety and sophistication, this elegant entryway dresses up the front hall. It is as practical and spare as the mudroom but is outfitted to meet a different set of needs.

1. Inexpensive lattice strips were glued and clamped together into a crisscross wooden rack, whose purpose is both decorative and functional. A mirror is hung from the grid; vintage-style hooks create a built-in key rack.

2. A ceramic bowl serves as a catchall for small items on their way in or out the door.

3. A wooden pot-lid rack is painted to match the lattice and used to sort incoming mail.

4. Metal handles on either side of this mobile shelving unit make it easier to maneuver.

5. Inside alternating cubbyholes, woven sea-grass baskets provide additional opportunities for storage.

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