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Cafe Curtain

Source: Martha Stewart Living, July/August 1995


Take the classic cafe curtain. Hung at a window's midpoint, this simple drapery allows the sun to fill a room while providing privacy and filtered light to the diners inside it. The cafe curtain shown here, made from a vintage tea towel, achieves the same romantic effect with little sewing.


  • Vintage Tea Towel

  • Curtain rod (brass if you want the traditional bistro look)

  • Matching rings, either the sew-on or clip-on kind


  1. Cut the tea towel across the width, and turn the top half around so that the towel's ends become the bottom borders of each curtain.

  2. Measure your window from the sill to where you want the rod to hang (midway is the usual cafe length), then hem the top end of each curtain so that it hangs from rod to sill.

  3. Attach clip-on rings or hand-stitch plain rings to each curtain.

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