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S'mores To-Go Box

Roughing it isn't as rough when you bring along a basket filled with s'mores ingredients.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, July 2009


These campfire-building instructions are courtesy of the Girl Scouts of the USA.

Tips: Cut lunch bags in half, and fold down the tops to hold graham crackers and marshmallows -- and don't forget the chocolate bars.


  • Tinder: pine needles, bark, and matchstick-width sticks

  • Kindling: twigs, about as wide as your thumb

  • Fuel: sticks larger than the width of your thumb and small logs


  1. Arrange 3 pieces of kindling in an A shape in a cleared area. Set a handful of tinder near the A's crossbar. Light tinder from underneath; let burn until you have a healthy flame.

  2. Add kindling, tepee-style, over tinder, waiting for each piece to catch before adding a new one. As the fire grows stronger, add fuel, 1 piece at a time, as above.

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