For such small objects, buttons can make a big impact -- especially if you look beyond the expected colored plastic ones. Use beautiful buttons to dress up pillows, shams, duvet covers, curtains, and tufted furniture. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Round leather. 25-millimeter leather (No. 35074), $1.59 from M&J Trimming, 800-965-8746

2. Embroidery-thread rosette. Martha often uses these in her home.

3. Bone with raised design. 60 large, decorative (No. 11071), $2 from Pacific Trimming, 212-279-9310

4. French knot. 10-millimeter rope knot (No. 685 TA-220), 79 cents from M&J Trimming, 800-965-8746

5. Painted wood. 23-millimeter wood with yellow trim (No. 32572), $1.59 from M&J Trimming, 800-965-8746

6. Ultrasuede round (tack it down in the center).

7. Covered button (this is lilac leather, created with a kit). 30 large, precovered half-ball in leather, 75 cents; or in BYO material, $8 for 12; from C&C Button, 212-944-7331.

8. Wooden toggle. Rolled-wood shank, $1.50 from Pacific Trimming, 212-279-9310

9. Mother-of-pearl flower. 24 large mother-of-pearl Agoya, $1.40, from Joyce Trimming, 212-



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