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Paper Cherry Blossom Display

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2006


Blooming for just a few brief weeks in spring, cherry blossoms are famously ephemeral. Unless, that is, you craft artful renditions of them from glassine or vellum, in which case they'll deliver year-round pleasure. Embellish woody branches that you have pruned from the yard with the colorful blooms, and use them to decorate a mantel or spruce up a collection of favor bags.


  • Glassine or vellumĀ 

  • Scissors

  • Utility knife

  • Branches

  • Colored paper bags

  • Hole punch

  • Colored brad

  • Vase

  • Pebbles


  1. To create five-petal blossoms, start by cutting pink or red glassine or vellum into 3 1/2-inch and 4 1/2-inch squares. Fold a square into a flat cone, following steps 1 to 4.

  2. Using scissors, make four angled cuts to remove the top of the cone as in step 5.

  3. With a utility knife, carve out a small rectangular sliver on each side of the cone. Snip off a tiny bit of the pointed tip of the cone, and unfold and shape the paper to yield a blossom.

  4. Collect branches from the yard, and poke their tips through the centers of the blossoms. Place the decorated branches in a tall vase filled with pebbles to anchor the display.

  5. For favor bags, fill colored-paper bags with token gifts of your choice, and fold down the closed tops of the bags twice. Punch a hole through one folded corner. Push colored brad through flower, then hole in bag to fasten

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