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Wheelbarrow Care

Martha Stewart Living, October 1997

Wheelbarrows and carts are the workhorses of the garden, hauling soil, mulch, plants, and debris over all kinds of terrain. But when tires deflate and axles seize up, you shoulder too much of the burden. A grease gun is designed to apply lubricant deep into an axle's bearings. Keep one filled with lithium grease in your toolshed; every two to three months, fit the gun's nozzle over the grommet in the axle, and pump a few squirts of grease into the works. Wipe off any old grease that squirts out of the axle. (This gun will also keep lawn-mower axles moving smoothly.) Store a bicycle pump near the wheelbarrow, so you can maintain pressure in the tires, which will cushion even the heaviest loads.

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