"Blue Water" April Fools' Prank

Turn the kitchen sink into a blue lagoon with nontoxic dye pellets, designed to tint children's bathwater. When the water is turned on, the burst of color will be short-lived yet shocking.

blue water prank for April Fools'

April Fools' Day offers the chance to summon your inner prankster and catch the family off guard. For this prank or any sink repair, turn off the faucet's water supply by closing the shut-off valve. Depending on your home plumbing, you may have a compression faucet, ball faucet, cartridge faucet, or disk faucet. These individual kinds of faucets are each structured differently. Most faucets include a small metal or plastic disk that protects the inner workings of the faucet and acts as a decorative bracket. Removing this cap is the first step to this prank; if it becomes stuck, it can derail your project before it begins. Some faucet caps unscrew, and others pop free.

To remove the cap, wrap the head of an adjustable wrench in a scrap of cloth. Fit the wrench around the cap and unscrew it, turning counterclockwise. Caps which unscrew should loosen under the pressure of the wrench and the cloth protects the finish on your faucet's cap. Meanwhile, pop-off caps have an indentation; insert a flat screwdriver into the indentation and gently pry upward. If it still won't come off, apply a few drops of oil-based lubricant to the cap, allowing to absorb for a few minutes, then try again. It's a good idea to clean and sanitize the faucet cap before and after your water prank. Clean crevices with a soft toothbrush. Buff water spots with a dry, soft cloth.

What You'll Need


  • Color bath tablets (Pictured: Crayola Color Bath Dropz, $7 for 60 tablets, amazon.com.)
  • Gloves
  • Wrench or screwdriver


  1. Unscrew the cap on the faucet; set a couple of the colored tabs inside before replacing it.

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