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Twig Trivet

Bring a bit of nature to the table with a trivet made of twigs.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, February 2009


  • 1/4-inch-thick twigs

  • Floral sheers

  • Waxed twine

  • Felt

  • Glue



    Using floral shears, cut 16 pieces (each 6 1/2 inches long) from 1/4-inch-thick twigs collected from your yard or bought at a floral-supply store. 


  2. Cut 2 lengths of waxed twine (each 18 inches long). Fold 1 length of twine in half, and place 1 twig inside loop, about 3/4 inch from end of twig. 

  3. Wrap twine around twig, and make a double knot. Repeat with other length of twine at opposite end of twig.

  4. Place another twig next to first; wrap and double-knot twine at both ends. Repeat with remaining twigs.

  5. For final twig, double-knot underneath, and trim twine. The finished trivet will be about 6 inches wide. Glue felt to bottom of trivet to protect tabletops.

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