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Papier-Mache Decorations: Finishing Touches

Photography: Jose Manuel Picayo Rivera

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2001


  1. Start to cut a lid from the knot end with a utility knife; finish with scissors.

  2. Remove a small circle from the other end to create a sturdy base.

  3. Cut out eyes, nose, and mouth. On the inside, cover these holes with a single layer of tissue paper (apply wheat paste to the edges of the tissue before positioning it).

  4. To make the stem, push three different lengths of floral wire through the knot hole in the lid. (Stuff a cotton ball in the underside of the hole; secure it with floral tape to keep the wires snug.)

  5. Wrap each piece of the wire in floral tape, and then wrap all three pieces together to create the thick base of the stem. Wrap the free ends of the wires around a pencil to make tendrils.

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