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Candle How-To

Source: Martha Stewart Living, November 2004


You can find sheets of beeswax for this project in an array of colors at crafts stores.


  • Cutting mat

  • Beeswax sheets

  • Cylindrical glass vase

  • Votive

  • Utility knife


  1. On a cutting mat, roll a sheet of beeswax around a cylindrical glass vase; with a pencil, make an imprint to mark the area you'd like to cut.

  2. Unwrap the wax and, using a ruler as a guide, cut with a utility knife.

  3. Repeat for other strips. Wrap strips around vessel so that ends meet. Lightly press wax to glass; it will adhere. Set a small votive inside, with space between votive and glass so the candle won't melt the wax.

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