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Beaded Caterpillar

Kids can make this little gift to worm the heart of any recipient.

Source: Martha Stewart Kids


  1. String one 11-mm bugle bead and four 3-mm seed beads on a 2-foot length of 28- gauge wire.

  2. With beads at center of wire, bend wire into a U shape to make two rows.

  3. Pass bottom end of wire left to right through the upper row of seed beads.

  4. Pull wire so beads are tight.

  5. Slip a bugle bead onto right end of wire and bend to make third row. Pass left end of wire through bugle bead; pull tight.

  6. Repeat step 5 using four seed beads, and continue to alternate between bugle and seed beads; our caterpillar below is 26 rows long. On final row, use dark seed beads at ends for eyes. For each antenna, slip a bead onto the wire; hold in place 1 inch above last row, and fold the wire over the bead; then twist it around wire, continuing all the way down to the eyes. Clip ends to 1/4 inch; slip into last row to hide.

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