These garlands, made from ribbon, can be displayed year after year.


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Measure the length of your mantel, and multiply by 1 1/4; cut ribbon to that length.

Step 2

Using a ruler and a pencil, mark ribbon at regular intervals. (We marked the ribbon every 6 inches for the larger garland.)

Step 3

To create swags, mark a second ribbon at regular intervals, with spaces at least an inch greater than that of the first ribbon; leave several extra inches on ends. Make creases on second ribbon wherever marked.

Step 4

Apply hot glue to top of first crease, and attach it to the first ribbon where marked, holding crease at a 45-degree angle across width of first ribbon; hold in place just until glue sets. Repeat. (For additional swags, repeat step 4 with more ribbon, and use hot glue to attach swags at creases.)

Step 5

Trim ribbon ends at an angle.


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