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Translucent Wrapping

With a series of crisp folds, glassine -- or less expensive tissue -- serves as both gift wrap and ribbon.

Photography: Philip Newton

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2001


  • Box

  • Brightly colored paper

  • Sheet of glassine


  1. To start, cover the box in brightly colored paper. Then, on a wide work surface, randomly fold a sheet of glassine, making all folds in the same horizontal or vertical direction.

  2. A deep fold fits a small gift card; a shallow fold creates the illusion of narrow ribbon. Use double-sided tape to tack folds flat at ends. Turn paper on one side; make a series of perpendicular folds. Secure with more tape at intersections. Take care not to overfold, or you may have too little paper left to cover the package.

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