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Mother's Day Gift Baskets

Source: Martha Stewart


A lovely basket filled with a few of Mom's favorite things makes a memorable Mother's Day present. Start with a beautiful basket, choose a theme, fill the basket with the appropriate goodies, and finish it off with a lavish bow.

Spa Basket
Put together a basket containing everything she would want for several long, leisurely soaks in the tub, including pretty soaps, a scented votive candle, lush towels, lotions, and a wood-handled hairbrush.

Gardener's Basket
Assemble a basket of treats for your favorite horticulturist: First, choose a sturdy basket that will withstand a long life of service in the garden. Add a pair of garden clogs, gloves, an apron, pruning snips and shears, seed packets, and plant labels. Round out the selection with a small plant.

Chef's Basket
Fill a basket with quality replacements for worn kitchen basics, such as measuring cups and spoons, spatulas, and pastry brushes. Or, give her everything she'll need to make an exotic meal, including recipes, hard-to-find spices or condiments, and special tools or utensils.

Crafter's Basket
Give Mom the equipment and materials she'll need to start a new craft, or some supplies for one she's already mastered. If she sews, give her a pretty basket loaded with sewing supplies, such as new scissors, pinking shears, an assortment of pins and needles, a rainbow of threads, a tape measure, and perhaps even an antique thimble.

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