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Baby Clothes Sun Prints

Source: Clotheskeeping, Special Issue 1998


Little socks, baby tees, and tiny sweaters -- the makings of an infant's first wardrobe are so impossibly small, and so quickly outgrown, you'll want to be reminded of them in the years to come. Put their captivating forms on display with framed sun prints; the bright-blue color and translucent effect of the cyanotype process yield images that are bold yet subtle. The technique is simple: Pin the clothing to special light-sensitive paper, cover with Plexiglas, and expose to the sun for a few minutes. Then rinse and dry the paper, and frame the prints as desired. Sun sensitive paper is available in kits at art- and craft-supply stores in sizes up to 11 by 17 inches. If the garment you're working with won't fit, make your print in halves, then frame the halves as one.

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