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Using the Right Hanger

Organizing Good Things 2004

With a skirt made of dressy fabric, hanging is best, but you risk dent marks where the hanger clamps on. For protection, fold two pieces of felt over the waist of the skirt where it meets the clips.

An ironed oxford shirt stays virtually wrinkle-free when hung on a shirt hanger and given elbow room in the closet. Buttoning the top button and straightening the collar keeps the shirt crisp.

Knits should be stored flat, but if space is tight, use the dry cleaner's method for hanging: Fold sweater in half lengthwise (shoulder to shoulder); drape over the bar of a sturdy wooden hanger.

Anything fragile belongs on a padded hanger. But something filmy with spaghetti straps is likely to slip off. Sew two buttons onto the hanger, and position the straps on the inside.


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