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Quick Quilt

A simple technique lets you turn any expanse of pretty fabric into a welcoming coverlet. Here, a vintage floral linen tablecloth creates the top of the quilt, but any medium-weight fabric will work. We used a piece of linen in a complementary color to create the backing and border. 

Source: Martha Stewart Living, February 2000





  • Basic sewing supplies

  • Fabric for top of quilt

  • Cotton batting (cut to the same size as the top fabric)

  • Medium-weight linen (about 2 inches longer on all sides than the top fabric)

  • Embroidery floss (for tufting)

  • Embroidery needle


  1. Layer the three pieces: top layer right-side up, bottom layer right-side down, and batting in between. Safety-pin together, starting in the center and working toward the edges, smoothing as you go.

  2. Tuft layers at regular intervals: Send an embroidery needle threaded with two strands of floss through all three layers from the top; bring it back up again 1/8 inch away. Knot, and trim the ends to 1 inch. Repeat with two more strands in almost the same spot, then repeat tufting all over quilt.

  3. Trim excess bottom layer of fabric, leaving an allowance of 1 1/2 inch. Fold the edge of the border fabric over 1/2 inch, and press. Fold the remaining inch over the top layer, press, and pin. Continue folding and pinning around the perimeter. At the corners, tuck the fabric into itself neatly, creating the effect of a mitered corner. Edge stitch the border in place. Hand-stitch the flaps of fabric at the corners to secure. Remove pins.

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