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Super Sprouts

Source: Kids Good Things 2006, Winter 2006


Beans and lentils are seeds that lie dormant, or "sleeping," until sunlight and water "wake" them up. Placed in a covered glass jar with a wet paper towel, they will soak up the moisture, swell, and burst open their outer shells. The glass jar lets in light; its lid keeps the paper towel from drying out.


  • Paper towel

  • Dried beans or lentils

  • Glass jar


  1. Spritz a paper towel with water until it's very damp but not soaking wet; place in a glass jar.

  2. Drop in about a dozen dried beans or lentils (pictured here); cover jar, and set in indirect sunlight so it's neither too hot nor too cold.

  3. A plant will angle its leaves toward the light; to make yours grow straight, rotate the jar around halfway daily. Expect to see shoots in 5 to 10 days.

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