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No-Sew Embroidery

Martha Stewart Living, September 2007

You don't need a seamstress to give linens a makeover. Our simplified approach to couching, which traditionally involves hand-stitching, doesn't require the labor of a needle and thread -- just cording, fabric glue, and a disappearing-ink pen, plus a marker and graph paper to map out a design. Once you learn the basic technique, use it to embellish bed skirts, drapes, and more.




Couching How-To
With a dark marker, draw your design on graph paper, using the grid to make the pattern uniform. Place graph paper under the fabric surface; with a disappearing-ink pen, trace the design onto fabric. Working in small sections, go over traced lines with fabric glue; carefully arrange cording over glue. To prevent fraying, treat all cut ends of cording with a dab of fabric glue.

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