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Mint Chandelier

Newly snipped mint leaves make a refreshing garnish for summer drinks, and this outdoor chandelier keeps the herb within arm's reach.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, March 1999


  • Several small, old pots (we used retired sap buckets)

  • 24-gauge annealed craft wire

  • Pebbles


  1. Find several small, old pots (we used retired sap buckets). For each pot, wrap a circle of 24-gauge annealed craft wire (available at crafts stores) below the lip.

  2. Cut a length of wire roughly twice the distance you want the pot to hang from above, then secure by twisting each end to opposite points on the wire circle.

  3. Before planting mint, punch small holes in the bottom of each pot, and line with pebbles. Water often, because small pots tend to dry out quickly.

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