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Labeled Photo Frames

Source: Martha Stewart Living, May 2002


Among the many photographs we take over the course of our lives, some make it into albums and a treasured few earn spots on display. But the familiar face or place in today's snapshot might be a mystery to those who will gaze upon it tomorrow. Keep memories fresh and bring the charm of an old-fashioned album to the pictures on your walls by giving each a thoughtful label.

Metal file-cabinet label holders, available in specialty hardware stores, are easily mounted onto flat wooden frames using the small screws supplied with the holders. For a secure mount and pleasing proportions, the wooden frame should be about twice as wide as the holder's height. Before mounting, a metal holder can be antiqued by soaking it in ammonia for a minute or so, then removing and adjusting any uneven coloration by sanding with extra-fine-grit sandpaper. Re-soak in the ammonia as needed to amplify the effect. Write labels on heavy stock by hand or print them from a computer, if the printer can handle the stock. Using the holder as your template, trace the holder size onto the paper while centering the words; cut out the label with a utility knife.


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