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Beaded Egg Ornaments

Deck arrangements of flowering branches with personalized pendants.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2002


  1. Make a hole in shells. With an egg blower (available at crafts stores), poke a small hole at top and bottom of each egg -- be sure that the pin pierces the yolk; carefully expel contents. Rinse, let dry. Write messages or names on the shells with white crayon, and then dye them with food coloring; let dry.

  2. Cut a 15-inch length of seam-binding ribbon, and fold in half; create hanging loops by knotting the folded end of the ribbon 2 inches from top. Thread ribbon ends through a beading needle, and use needle to draw the double-stranded ribbon through each egg and a wood bead, as shown. Tie knots in ribbon to secure beads; trim ribbon ends, and hang ornaments from branches.

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