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Spring in a Pot Centerpiece

Put the symbols of the season on display.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2009


No special flower-arranging skills are needed to make these brunch-table centerpieces -- just a few hallmarks of spring: blades of grass, muscari blooms, and a cache of pretty eggs.

Resources: Quail eggs are available at specialty-food stores and; ostrich eggshells, at


  • Small glass or plastic container

  • Slightly larger flowerpot

  • Potting soil

  • Small flat of wheatgrass

  • Muscari (or other small flowers)

  • Wire mesh (or any other material to prop up eggs)

  • Quail eggs or ostrich eggshell


  1. Place the small container inside the larger flowerpot. Fill in the gap between the two with potting soil, and water lightly.

  2. Tear off small clumps of wheatgrass (gently, keeping soil and roots intact), and arrange them on top of the potting soil. Fill in with muscari.

  3. Place a small ball of wire mesh in the small container, and pile quail eggs on top. (If using an ostrich eggshell, no mesh is needed.)

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