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Firewood Carrier

Source: Martha Stewart Living, January 2002


Fashion a compact firewood tote from a 22-by-42-inch piece of canvas, 1/2-inch grommets, and two 30-inch lengths of rope.


  • 22-by-42-inch piece of canvas

  • 1/2-inch grommets

  • Two 30-inch lengths of rope

  • Hammer

  • Block of wood


  1. Stitch a 1 1/2-inch hem on long sides of canvas and a 2-inch hem on short sides. Use a grommet kit, a hammer, and a block of wood to drive two holes through hem on each short side, 4 1/2 inches from corners.

  2. Secure grommets. Slip rope through grommets from finished side of canvas; knot the ends.

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