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Wooden Doormat

Boards of mahogany and cedar are great for decks -- and doormats, too. This slatted mat is sturdy and lets water drain right through.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, August 2005


  • Handsaw

  • Sixteen 2-by-2s

  • 3/8-inch drill bit

  • Six feet of 1/4-inch sisal


  1. With a handsaw, cut sixteen 2-by-2s, available at lumberyards, to 24 inches long. 

  2. With a 3/8-inch drill bit, make 2 holes in each board, one 6 inches from each end. 

  3. Cut 6 feet of 1/4-inch sisal. Fold rope in half and mark the center point. To make a handle, tie a knot 7 inches in each direction from that point. Thread each end of rope through the holes in the first board and tie another pair of knots. Continue to secure all the boards. Trim excess rope.

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