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Dyed-Doily Gift Wrap

Transform traditional doilies with a dip in dye. The color makes their lacy patterns look fresh and modern. Use them the familiar way, to line plates of sweets, or turn them into gift wrap -- Granny would approve.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, May 2010


Uncoated doilies absorb the most color; coated ones take on subtler hues. Start with a light dye bath, and make it more intense if you like. Experiment a bit -- half the fun is seeing all the beautiful shades you can make. 


  1. Fill a wide, shallow bowl with water; add several drops of food coloring.

  2. Wearing rubber gloves, quickly dip 1 doily in the dye bath (it won't hold up if left in too long); remove it carefully using both hands.

  3. Lay flat on paper towels, and blot to speed drying and reduce splotching.

  4. If doilies dry wrinkled, press them with an iron set on low heat.

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