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Wire Plate Hangers

Martha Stewart Living, October 1998

If you're inspired to display your favorite plates on the wall, make sure the hangers that support them don't detract from their beauty. Unlike many store-bought hangers, the ones shown here can be made to accommodate any size or shape you want to display. Start with annealed iron wire -- we used 18-gauge. This wire is particularly soft and pliable and can easily be manipulated to fit around any plate. Using wire cutters, cut two pieces of wire 3 inches longer than the diameter of your plate (the plate shown here is 6 1/4 inches). Bend one piece into a V shape. Twist the second wire to make a loop in the center; this loop will be used to attach the hanger to a wall hook. Feed one end of the V-shaped wire through the loop. The V should hang upside down and rest on the bottom of the loop. Twist the V wire around itself once to secure. Position the wires on the plate so the top of the loop hits the edge of the plate's base. Holding the wires in position, wrap each one tightly around the rim to the front of the plate. Clip the ends of the wire to a uniform length. Using small needle-nose pliers, twist the ends around to form a decorative loop. For very large or heavy plates, additional wires may be necessary.

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