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Presidents' Day Log Cabin

Martha Stewart Living, February 2001

For Presidents' Day, render Abraham Lincoln's fabled log cabin in miniature, complete with pretzel logs, cracker shingles, and peanut-butter mortar. This easy project is great for kids; while they construct the cabin, you can teach them about the remarkable president who dedicated himself to the idea that all men are created equal.

Rinse a 1/2-pint milk carton, and cover the surface with creamy peanut butter. Fill in the top of the carton with extra peanut butter to straighten the slope of the roof.

For the logs, cut pretzel sticks to desired length with scissors. Use peanut butter to affix them to the sides of the milk carton.

Make the door with a graham cracker, and use peanut butter to give it a pretzel-scrap doorknob. Use pretzel or cereal squares as windows.

Shingle the roof with two layers of thin wheat crackers, line the top roof ridge with a pretzel stick, and add a pretzel nugget as a chimney.

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