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Turnip Jack-o'-Lanterns

Pumpkins aren't  the only vegetables worthy of carving. These turnips also make good night watchmen. Hang in a row from the porch rafters, from a lamppost, or anywhere else a pumpkin won't fit.

Photography: Reed Davis

Source: Halloween 2007, Special Issue Holiday 2007


  • Kitchen knife

  • Melon baller

  • Linoleum-cutting (lino) tool

  • Twine

  • Tea candle


  1. Cut off the turnips' tops with a kitchen knife, then hollow them out with a melon baller.

  2. Draw a face with a wax pencil; carve it with a utility knife. Use a linoleum-cutting (lino) tool to cut small holes, such as nostrils, and to make a small hole on both sides of turnip.

  3. Cut a piece of twine to desired length, slip an end through each hole, and knot; trim ends. Tuck a tea candle inside to illuminate.

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