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Four Ways to Use Basil

Martha Stewart Living, September 2010

So fragrant, so delicious, so abundant! Whether you buy it or grow it, basil comes in large quantities. To celebrate the bounty, try these (nonpesto) ideas. 

Make a perfumed arrangement by combining the herb with late-season blooms (we used chocolate cosmos, astrantia, and geraniums). 

Root a stem in water and it will grow for several weeks indoors. 

Bake homemade flatbread inlaid with leaves; earthy and delicious, it will surprise and delight anyone who breaks off a rich, flaky bite. 

Whirl up a sophisticated slush with basil plus a few bright ingredients -- vodka, lemon juice, and Lillet Blanc -- for a verdant and citrusy aperitif.

Basil Lillet Slush
Basil Flatbread Crackers

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