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Blueberry Fabric Stamps

Source: Martha Stewart Living, August 2008


Add whimsy, color, and a hint of summer's bounty to plain white or light-colored kids' clothing and sneakers -- or to a tote bag or note cards for yourself with stamped blueberry patterns.


  • Corks in varying sizes

  • Craft knife

  • Green fabric stamp pad

  • Iron


  1. Carve a small X into one end of each of three different-size corks (available from crafts stores) with a craft knife.

  2. Using corks and a blue fabric stamp pad, print design onto fabric, overlapping large and small circles in a few places (if possible, test a swatch before starting).

  3. Cut another cork in half lengthwise; use it and a green fabric stamp pad to create leaves. Iron the fabric to set the ink according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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