Cut flowers, naturally, need a little maintenance now and then to survive. To keep an arrangement fresh, you should clean your vase with a bleach solution to eliminate harmful bacteria. Before filling a vase, scrub it with a mixture of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water; rinse. Later, if the water gets cloudy, remove the blooms, scrub the vase again, and replace the bouquet.

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Martha Stewart Member
February 20, 2010
Actually, at the Botanical Garden, they say to put a few drops of bleach directly into the water. Obviously, one has to be very careful not to spill that water - wooden floors, carpets and upholstery would not be happy with that "solution". The little bit of bleach, in the water, does not hurt the flowers.
Martha Stewart Member
February 15, 2010
Be sure to rinse VERY VERY well, or the bleach could do more hurt than help.
Martha Stewart Member
February 14, 2010
great idea....