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Homemade Iced Coffee

Martha Stewart Living, August 2010

Start summer days off right with frosty, frothy iced coffee -- without stopping at a cafe. Use our recipes and tips to make your own eye-opening drinks at home.

Stay Strong
Start with a double-strength brew, which stands up to melting ice. Or use coffee cubes instead: Freeze cooled coffee in an ice-cube tray. 

Mix Things Up
Stir in simple syrup instead of plain sugar; it blends in more easily. Or make like the Vietnamese and use sweetened condensed milk. For a dairy-free drink that's somewhat exotic, try coconut milk. 

Chill Out
To make an extra-cold drink, combine the coffee, milk, and sweetener in a cocktail shaker with ice; shake, and strain into a glass over more ice.

Iced Cappuccino
Basic Iced Coffee
Coffee Frappe

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