On bus or train trips, during wedding ceremonies, or whenever silence is required, keep your child entertained with a homemade felt activity book.

This one contains a page for each season; in the winter scene shown here, white-button snowflakes flutter around a snowman made of button-on felt circles. Similarly, the pages for spring, summer, and fall reflect the tones and activities of the season. On each season's page, a pocket contains a collection of felt shapes that a child can button on and off to modify the scene.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

To make the pages, cut four 7 1/2-by-16-inch pieces of felt; fold each in half crosswise, crease, and open up. On each left-hand page, add a pocket, sewing along the sides and bottom of a 5-by-4-inch felt rectangle.

Step 2

Cut permanent scenery, like water or grass, from felt. On each right-hand page, attach scenery with white craft glue; sew on 4 to 6 buttons in various positions. Stitch decorative lines to represent features like flower stems and kite strings. Fold each page again, and stack them in order of the seasons.

Step 3

Glue the backs of the pages together.

Step 4

Cut a 7 3/4-by-16 1/4-inch felt rectangle for a cover. Wrap it around the pages, gluing it to the first and last pages. Reinforce the binding with a few blanket stitches through the spine. We decorated our cover with four small shapes to represent the seasons.


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