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Four Lessons from an Urban Modern Home

Martha Stewart Living, January 2004

When your sense of design hits your home, things can get complicated. Here are some strategies you can apply in your own home to use what you have to best advantage.

Use splashes of color to energize a sedate space
Against a neutral background, vivid hues and bold shapes stand out all the more brilliantly.

Bring the past into the present
Sleek, modern styles can happily coexist with traditional details.

Highlight what's beautiful; hide what's not
A mix of open and closed storage keeps the kitchen as deliberately spare as the other rooms, but makes it even more practical.

Tie everything together by using consistent elements
The bedroom is painted a richer, more assertive color than the other rooms are, but the simplicity and clean lines of its furniture unify it with the rest of the apartment.

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