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Maximizing Existing Storage

Don't feel limited by the existing storage you have in your kitchen. Take, for example, the cabinet where you store dishes and serving pieces. You can add capacity to that space by looking for ways to use it efficiently. In fact, it can be as easy as installing store-bought plate and bowl racks (1) to add shelves in between shelves; this can all but double how many pieces you can store. Being creative with the way you position items makes a difference, too: Dowels (2) and molding strips -- some placed horizontally, others vertically -- make room for large items stored standing up.

Arrange items in a commonsense fashion, either by use (baking pans all together, for example) or by shape (round pans within other round pans). Once your cabinet is organized, apply similar principles to the rest of the room, and see how appealing it can be.

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