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Boughs of Snowballs

For decorations that would make Frosty proud, hang spheres of snow on a tree in the yard. This project is best when the snow is neither powdery nor slushy; it's easiest if you use a snowball-making tool.

Photography: Annie Schlechter

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Special Issue 2004


  • Sticks

  • Wire cutters


    Floral wire


  • Snowball maker


  1. Fold a 5-inch length of floral wire in half; bend the fold into a hook; twist the bottom ends around a twig that's about 4 inches long.

  2. Stick the twig's other end in the snow.

  3. With the snowball maker, scoop up snow around twig; lift and squeeze, packing a snowball around the twig.

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